Hey everybody,

I haven’t all that informative with what been going on these last few months but rest assured that it’s been because I’ve been busy as all hell. I’m sitting in my studio, trying to get it all down before it slips my mind.

My project with Miss Ane Trolle, Trolle//Siebenhaar, is finally out and is doing good in little Denmark. “Couple Therapy” has received good reviews and we’re currently on the top 10 chart. We have people working on getting it released in other territories so hopefully we’ll be making a splash abroad as well. We’re getting everything together for our live show and it’s going to be killer + we’re working on the video for our next single.

In July I joined the Code Of The Cutz Mix Tent stage at the Vans Warped Tour ’08 for a total of 14 shows in 16 days. From Florida to NYC. 6000 kilometers with my man Charlie Byrd from Alabama at the wheel. So many cool people, it’s hard to recall them all but here goes: Bus 16 Crew 4 Life! Dante, Jamie, Donnie & Gill Mantera, Massive Monkeys, Angelo, Tiff, Lauren, Othello, DJ Manny, Yonas, Dez, Nicki, Josh, Pounders, Fritzo. I’ll never forget you guys, much love. All the great bands out there grinding; Lordz Of Brooklyn, Aggrolites, Horrorpops (got drunk on danish Snaps with Henrik in Miami.. Crazy shit..), Bouncing Souls, Beat Union, Shanti, Beduin Soundclash. Thanks for the respect.

My man Lasse and me got our first single “Falling” out as White Pony and it’s currently the highest climber on the danish airplay chart. Hectic shit. We got Toby from Floor Is Made Of Lava and Land from Decorate. Decorate. doing vocal features on it and it is hot as all hell. We’re going on a rave cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo this whole weekend and we’re gonna tear that sucker a new A-hole.

This sunday I’ll be on danish national radio, talking with Anja Pil about all the crazy shit I’ve getting myself into. Check it out on P3 Public S√łndag from 23-00. You can hear it online here: http://netradio.dr.dk/content.asp?station=3#

My next move will be working on my own material for my next album entitled “808 Punk Rock”. I’m going back to my punk shit on this one. Straight up hardcore shit, angry as all hell, fast and furious and full of piss and vinegar. It’s about time I started to address the world around me and not just having my head up my ass. Nothing is settled yet but hopefully it’ll be out on Allhands Records, a Copenhagen based indie label dedicated to quality vinyl and run by close friends of mine.

That’s it for now, hope you’ll check out what I got cracking and enjoy a few of my tunes.

Mucho amore,

– Pato.