Today had one of those early starts that these days spent with a 77 year always have. Around 8 we’d already had our breakfast and were now planning how to spend the day.

She crashed early last night, turning in at 21-ish while I went down to this old small venue I always enjoy going to when I’m here. It’s called the 12 Bar Club and it’s this little piss hole of a venue located on Denmark Street. There I met an ex-pat Dane called Nicky, whom I’d met last year when I was here. She let me in for free which was nice of her. The head liner for the night was Brianna Hardyman, a country girl from Tennessee. She sang her heart out and I enjoyed it for the simple way she conveyd her songs, simple and strong. A bit over the top but authentic. Anyways, after having heard me some country, I spent a few hours just bouncing around Soho, drinking beer outside in the not too cold night air and then heading back to the hotel around 1.

So when my gran started puttering around I woke up with a bit of a swollen head and a lack rest.

We headed out for Oxford. My gran is a huge Inspector Morse fan so it was a bit of a pilgrimage. We had Fish & Chips, beer & ales and the most fucked up confection I had ever seen; Apple Crumple w. Custard. Hot, nasty ass yellow custard.. Like seeing an apple pie slice crumpled up and drowned in yucky yellow sludge. Tasted nice enough, though the texture was heinous.

We went to Christ Church College were we saw a dining hall that had been used as the base for the dining hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But, as the nice custodian told us, they had gone all Hollywood and double the size or something.. Bastards. Saw the grave plaque of John Locke and drank beer at the Randolph Hotel‘s Morse bar, where several episodes of Inspector Morse were tapped.

Here’s a few pics from today. Sorry if this is getting very mundane and touristy but seriously, it’s what it is. It’s me and my grandmother out siteseeing in London.