Wednesday was yet another busy day in old London town.

Got up somewhat later than we’re used, around 9-ish. It’s grueling trying to keep up with a 77 year old, they get up so f*ing early. Plus I like to stay out late. Drinking. Great combo.

Took a tube down to the Thames and walked across it on the Millennium bridge in a slight frisky breeze. Right across from the bridge is the Tate Modern were we attended a Alexander Rodchenko and Lyubov Popova exhibition. Then we took a river bus out to Greenwich Village and had a little walk and some good Chinese food at this very unpretentious little place. Then we headed back and got off at Embankment an made our way back to St. Giles.

Had a short nap and then we hit the town again. The plan for the night was Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert starring Jason Fuckin’ Donnovan of 80’ties hit list pop/Neighbours fame. The show was excellent, completely campy and over the top. Brilliant. Very West End, very gay and so much fun. Gran had the time of her life, clapping along and laughing her heart out.

We had a slice of pizza and I followed Gran back to the hotel. We said goodnight and I headed out for some fun. Bounced out for a brief walk through Soho and ended up at my usual haunt, The 12 Bar Club. Met up with this cool dude that I met last year that I was here. His name is Quincy, and he’s the main man in London’s shady Ukulele underground jam session scene. Told me of wild events with up to 50-60 people all playing along to “All You Need Is Love” or some shit like that.. Sounds like hell on stilts, dressed in polka dots but at the same time great fun.

Beers, shots and cigarettes in the back alley in the light rain. Very authentic, very London.